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3 songs:

  • "Roses from Africa" from "Strangers With Shoes" by Robin Grey
  • "Africa" from "A New Age Has Begun" by To Life!
  • "Africa" from "12 String" by Jeff Wahl

    5 collections:

  • African influenced
  • Arabic influenced
  • Didgeridoo
  • World Influenced
  • Acoustic Guitar

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  • Ensemble Al Asdeka: spicy and hypnotic melding of Arabic and Jazz
  • Daniel Berkman: 21st century ambient African Kora
  • Bindi Society: Power Harp, Other-Worldly Vocals and Global Percussion
  • Colin Booth: solo harpsichord music
  • Daria: Music to inspire all the World's children
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  • Magnatune - four exceptional albums
  • Magnatune: worldwide music
  • Magnatune: Jazz, Lute, New Age

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