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54 artists:

  • Amoeba: cinematic pop-ambient
  • Ambient Teknology: upbeat underground with shades of new wave
  • Paul Avgerinos: beautiful ambient space music
  • Barks and Crock: Berlin based electronic music - from ambient atmospheric to dance
  • Daniel Berkman: 21st century ambient African Kora
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    9 albums:

  • "The Devils Toxin - Atek Rebirth Vol 1" by Ambient Teknology
  • "Electro Retro" by Ambient Teknology
  • "The All Seeing Eye Project" by Ambient Teknology
  • "Horrorbox" by Ambient Teknology
  • "Phoenix" by Ambient Teknology
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    27 songs:

  • "Ambient Teknology" from "Phoenix" by Ambient Teknology
  • "Ambient Strings" from "Hyphen" by Braindouche
  • "Cuckoo (Liquid Ambient Cloud Mix) by Sharp" from "Mixter One" by Lisa DeBenedictis
  • "Sound Of Ambient part 1" from "Slowdown" by Domased
  • "Ambient Dub" from "in Dub" by Dubmaster Conte
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    19 collections:

  • IDM
  • Hard Electronic
  • Drone
  • Remix
  • Chillout
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    2 moods:

  • Track is near instrumental or has ambient vocals
  • Abstract or ambient

    74 matches in artist bios:

  • Alexander Lisenkov: Lounge and dance electronic music with elements of jazz and ethnic
  • Amoeba: cinematic pop-ambient
  • AndrewPlusJohn: soulful electric guitar in a smooth and gentle landscape
  • Artemis: Alternative / Downtempo / Electro-pop
  • Ambient Teknology: upbeat underground with shades of new wave
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  • Founder's Rant
  • High-Res Photos of our Artists for the Press
  • Magnatune: renaissance gamba, new age cello & guitar, pop, ambient
  • Magnatune: five new albums
  • Magnatune: Dowland, world jazz, house, fingerstyle guitar
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