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  • "Solo cello works by JS Bach, CPE Bach, Biber and Paternoster" by Vito Paternoster
  • "CD1-Bach Cello Suites" by Vito Paternoster
  • "CD2-Bach Cello Suites" by Vito Paternoster
  • "Bach Cello Suites on 8 String Guitar" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Bach Cello Suites on 8 String Guitar volume 2" by Daniel Estrem

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  • "Phoebe Carrai- JS Bach Cello Suite no 1 in G Major Gigue (BWV 1007)" from "Classical" by Magnatune Compilation

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  • Composer: Georg Philip Telemann
  • Classical Guitar
  • Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
  • Ukulele
  • Cello
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  • Ensemble Vermillian: Richly textured 17th and 18th century cello and recorder
  • Vito Paternoster: cellist extraordinaire
  • Musica Pacifica: Baroque and traditional music from England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Felixdroid: austere, personal, dreamy music
  • Toni Iniguez: classical guitar and Nature
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  • Magnatune: all over the map
  • "Live From Covent Garden" Concert Featuring Lutenist Paul Beier
  • Magnatune: new classical, bop & blues, retrofuturistic
  • "Live From Covent Garden" Concert With Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
  • Magnatune: Diderot, Beethoven, Baroque, Jazz & Rock
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