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  • Dr Kuch: Fun electro-poppy dance up and down tempo chill out
  • DJ Cary: chill out compilations built from Magnatune music
  • Solar Cycle: a summer cocktail of Chill out, Electronica and Ambient
  • Dubmaster Conte: Dub, reggae, electronica, downtempo, chill out, trip hop

    1 song:

  • "Rotating (chill out lounge mix)" from "Symon's Arcade" by Mark Southeron

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  • Chillout
  • World Electronic
  • Saxophone
  • Remix
  • Intense Metal
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  • Un-Kai: super sonic sound adventures
  • Kalotone: Melodic Dubstep and Heavy Electronic Stimulation
  • The Celtic Reggae Revolution: Saint Patrick was Jamaican! Reggae's Irish Connections
  • Mountain Mirrors: moody melodic prog rock
  • Vasily Boykov: nature sounds and atmospheric sounds, perfect for relaxation
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  • Vate, Cuni, Liquid Rainbow, Eight Gates, Matt van den Heuvel
  • Magnatune - 5 new albums
  • Magnatune: now in the espresso coffee business
  • Magnatune: Chopin, deep electro, wood & rock
  • danceable cello, ambient & punk!
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