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2 artists:

  • DJ Cary: chill out compilations built from Magnatune music
  • DJ Markitos: happy trance

    12 albums:

  • "Sonic Chill" by DJ Cary
  • "After Dinner Lounge" by DJ Cary
  • "Downtempo Chill" by DJ Cary
  • "Downtempo Chill 2" by DJ Cary
  • "Eastern Grooves" by DJ Cary
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    12 songs:

  • "Fountain of Life (Lean On It Mix) - DJ Anser" from "Orbits" by Artemis
  • "Sync or Swim (Breakshop Studios Mix) - DJ F" from "Orbits" by Artemis
  • "Mash Up The DJ" from "Knives To The Treble" by Burning Babylon
  • "Calling Out The DJ's Play My Fuckin Song (feat Dreadlox Holmes)" from "Pfff" by Brigitte Meuwsen
  • "Let Them Quake (samples featuring Diane and DJ Vadim)" from "Chronic Dreams 2" by Four Stones
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    16 collections:

  • Woman Singing Electro Pop
  • Electro Pop
  • Chillout
  • Dub
  • Compilation
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    37 matches in artist bios:

  • 1KUB: energetic electro rock, rediscovering and recreating raves
  • Barks and Crock: Berlin based electronic music - from ambient atmospheric to dance
  • Beat Under Control: jazz/dub intense electro funk
  • Brotha D: Music for your mind, body and soul
  • Charlie Beresford: beautifully, dark, acoustic progressive
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    7 information pages:

  • How Magnatune is fixing the music industry
  • Links
  • Internet Music Provider Magnatune Partners with Shared-Playlist Site Webjay
  • Magnatune: ambient, baroque, world, instrumental rock
  • Cello explorations, electro-chill, renaissance lute, energetic electro-rock
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