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  • FUZZIT: your go-to source for eclectic mixes between jazz, house, fusion, electronica, drum & bass, funk and downtempo music
  • Nick Kingsley: Melodic Drum and Bass, Electronica and Techno
  • Windpearl: Eclectic, atmospheric hard electronica with a helping of chiptune sounds and drum & bass

    1 album:

  • "Tin of Drum" by Rapoon

    7 songs:

  • "Akin Drum" from "Grandchildren's Delight" by Daria
  • "Male Voice for Genang Drum" from "Ciri a Doro" by The Headroom Project
  • "Cairo Beats (drum solo)-Middle" from "Passage_" by Middle-Earth Ensemble
  • "Shobi Time (drum solo)-Middle" from "Passage_" by Middle-Earth Ensemble
  • "Broken Drum" from "Choose" by Modinski
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    9 collections:

  • Folk
  • World Influenced
  • Experimental Electronic
  • World Electronic
  • Indian Influenced
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  • allMeadow and Rob Costlow: melodic piano electro-chill-mixed
  • Ammonite: delicate, stylish indie electronic
  • Ambient Teknology: upbeat underground with shades of new wave
  • Audio70: groovy fusions between Electronica and Prog Rock on the keyboard
  • Barbepeste Official Orchestra: Ahoy and shiver your timbers to some Irish World music with a smattering of pirates
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  • Lisa DeBenedictis Remix Contest
  • Magnatune: Amy Denio's avant-rock, classical guitar, crooner jazz, hybrid ambient
  • surf-inspired instrumental rock, music for world minds, deep house
  • Magnatune: clarinet, lute, harp & electronica
  • A new instrument called the Hang, Ambient, New Age and new rock
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