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  • Burning Babylon: Super fine dub
  • Dubmaster Conte: Dub, reggae, electronica, downtempo, chill out, trip hop
  • Dubtrak: unique blends of dub, global beats and downtempo ambient electronica
  • Indidginus: n. Riddims (Music. Dubstep, dub, dancehall and global bass music, incorporating slide didgeridoo in live performances ~ DidgeriDubstep)
  • Kenji Williams: ambient/IDM with a dash of dub
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    2 albums:

  • "in Dub" by Dubmaster Conte
  • "The Afro Dub EP" by Super Hi-Fi

    54 songs:

  • "Sproing-A-Dub" from "Beat Beat Beat" by Burning Babylon
  • "Echoes Of Dub" from "Knives To The Treble" by Burning Babylon
  • "Selector A Go Dub It" from "Knives To The Treble" by Burning Babylon
  • "Dance Mi Dub" from "Knives To The Treble" by Burning Babylon
  • "Addis Red Dub" from "Stereo Mash Up" by Burning Babylon
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    18 collections:

  • Dub
  • Hard Electronic
  • Remixed by Four Stones
  • Electro Rock
  • Chillout
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    22 matches in artist bios:

  • Ammonite: delicate, stylish indie electronic
  • Art Sonic: acoustic guitar folktronica with elements of ambient atmospheric Americana
  • Burning Babylon: Super fine dub
  • Beat Under Control: jazz/dub intense electro funk
  • The Celtic Reggae Revolution: Saint Patrick was Jamaican! Reggae's Irish Connections
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  • Links
  • Magnatune: five albums
  • Magnatune: Life is good...with music!
  • Magnatune: introspective renaissance
  • Magnatune: six new albums
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