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3 artists:

  • Firesphere: Big epic dark heavy and soul shaking
  • mr Epic: sultry triphop eclectic beats with soulful melodies.
  • Ryo Utasato: From wild Electronica to soothing Ambient. From Ethnic Fusion to Epic Rock, Cinematic and beyond

    2 albums:

  • "EPIC" by Kenji Williams
  • "Sideways" by mr Epic

    4 songs:

  • "The Epic-Jake Bradford" from "Remix The Orchestra" by Jake Bradford-Sharp
  • "Epic Fail" from "Creation and Destruction" by Love Amplifier
  • "mr Epic: Down Low" from "Electronica" by Magnatune Compilation
  • "Hymn to our Beautiful World (Epic Final)" from "Ambient and Cinematic Soundscapes" by Piotr Janeczek

    6 collections:

  • IDM
  • Psychedelic trance
  • Compilation
  • Chillout
  • Massage
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    10 matches in artist bios:

  • Dead Leaf Echo: dreamy shoe-gazing pop
  • Firesphere: Big epic dark heavy and soul shaking
  • John Fleagle: austere and beautiful medieval songs.
  • Idlemine: A solid hybrid sound of Instrumental Rock
  • Kurt Hunter: If Jason Mraz wrote upbeat pop songs for James Taylor to sing
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  • Magnatune on the iPhone & new albums
  • new age, alt rock & electronica
  • Magnatune: lute, ironic and straight jazz, classic ambient, global folk,
  • Magnatune: friendly, plays nice music
  • Some new albums
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