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4 artists:

  • Chris Britton: virtuoso performances of Bach on unaccompanied flute
  • Andrew Jilin: merging classical European and traditional Japanese to create captivating cinematic flute music
  • Kim Ribeiro: brazilian contemporary and traditional flute
  • Suzanne Teng: world flute with a serene energy

    6 albums:

  • "Six Sonatas for Flute and Violin - Opus 51 - Boismortier" by Duo de Bois
  • "Space Flute" by Cari Live
  • "The flute recital" by Matsuishi Takashi Fritz
  • "JS Bach Flute Sonatas and Partita" by Takashi Matsuishi Spark
  • "Meditations for Flute" by Viviana Guzman
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    76 songs:

  • "Flute Quartet in C (K285b) - Allegro (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)" from "Mozart 4 Quartets for Strings and Winds" by American Baroque
  • "Flute Quartet in C (K285b) - Theme and Variations (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)" from "Mozart 4 Quartets for Strings and Winds" by American Baroque
  • "Flute Taqsim-Ensemble Al" from "Oasis" by Ensemble Al Asdeka
  • "Flute Taqsim remix-Ensemble Al" from "Oasis" by Ensemble Al Asdeka
  • "Space Flute 3" from "Space Flute" by Cari Live
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    31 collections:

  • Cello
  • Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Flute
  • Harpsichord
  • Oboe
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    50 matches in artist bios:

  • American Baroque: Spectacular Baroque and Classical chamber music
  • Ensemble Al Asdeka: spicy and hypnotic melding of Arabic and Jazz
  • AlmaNova: lively flute/guitar duo
  • Almer and Nirvan: soulful Balkan duo featuring acoustic guitars and voice
  • Aryeh Frankfurter: Timeless and enchanting folk music for the soul
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  • Magnatune: renaissance gamba, new age cello & guitar, pop, ambient
  • Magnatune: five new albums
  • Magnatune: lute, indian & world influences, hard rock instrumental, chill
  • surf-inspired instrumental rock, music for world minds, deep house
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