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2 artists:

  • Conway Hambone: Multi-genre instrumental and vocal conquests made with love and fuzz
  • General Fuzz: atmospheric downtempo

    6 albums:

  • "Cool Aberrations" by General Fuzz
  • "General Fuzz" by General Fuzz
  • "Messys Place" by General Fuzz
  • "Miles Tones" by General Fuzz
  • "Soulful Filling" by General Fuzz
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    3 collections:

  • IDM
  • Space Music
  • Chillout

    3 matches in artist bios:

  • Diggsville: Lush and emotive Downbeat Groove
  • Emiel Stopler: Filmic composer and acoustic fingerstyle guitarist
  • General Fuzz: atmospheric downtempo

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  • early classical music, trash guitar, jazz fusion, ambient
  • Some new albums
  • Magnatune stroke & poke releases
  • snowy new releases for 2010
  • Magnatune: grungy blues, varied electrorock, new gamba works, and dark ambient from Rapoon
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