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4 albums:

  • "Haydn Trios on Guitar" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Vitality and Virtuosity - Sonatas by Haydn and Beethoven" by Ivan Ilic
  • "Vito Paternoster plays Haydn & Boccherini" by Vito Paternoster
  • "Sergio Azzolini and Vito Paternoster play Mozart and Haydn" by Vito Paternoster

    2 songs:

  • "Menuet Sur Le Nom De Haydn (Maurice Ravel)" from "Ravel on Guitar and Ukulele" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Menuet Sur Le Nom d'Haydn (Maurice Ravel)" from "From the Lobby of the Cooper Arms" by Robert F Trucios

    16 collections:

  • Composer: Joseph Haydn
  • Classical Guitar
  • Composer: Maurice Ravel
  • Ukulele
  • Classical Piano
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    4 matches in artist bios:

  • Dixie Cannon: Rock solid Pop rock, Vintage rock, Classic rock, Folk rock and Art rock
  • Harper's Hamper: well loved and lesser known British carols for the festive season, performed with single voices and instruments
  • Ingrid Matthews and Byron Schenkman: baroque violin & harpsichord
  • Susan Adams: Marvelously played classical piano pieces

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  • Magnatune: Amy Denio's avant-rock, classical guitar, crooner jazz, hybrid ambient
  • Magnatune: 10 new albums
  • Magnatune: Typical,!
  • Magnatune: 10 new albums
  • Magnatune: fashion, Haydn, pop, progressive rock
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