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8 artists:

  • Anonymous Culture: stylish and sharp witted hip-hop
  • Terracotta Blue: Hip-hop-infused, electronic chill music... with a dash of everything else!
  • LOOT: eclectic hip-hop fused with rock, pop, and soul
  • Marginal Prophets: smart-alecky, 'semi-conscious' hip-hop
  • Block Scholars: Award Winning Independent Hip Hop Group
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    1 album:

  • "Funky Hip Hop Fusion" by Cozmikbeats

    3 songs:

  • "Early Days of Hip-Hop" from "Beats that Collected Dust" by Brotha D
  • "Hip Hop Nao Hai de Morrer" from "A Origem da Natureza Urbana" by Urban Response
  • "Hip-Hop Hypocrisy" from "Bohemian Rap CD" by Marginal Prophets

    9 collections:

  • Funk
  • Chillout
  • Trumpet
  • Lounge
  • Flute
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    30 matches in artist bios:

  • Dayazell: ancient and traditional world music
  • LehtMoJoe: a booty-grooving, intensely melodic, splice-o-matic masterpiece
  • Carey Clayton: Meditative yet Pulsing, Textural yet Driving, Future Americana music
  • Slimdog Productions: Beats and instrumentals that moves, grooves and soothes
  • Drop Trio: groove-oriented organ-based funk jazz trio
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  • Magnatune: Bach, Funk, Ethereal Rock
  • Magnatune: back of the closet picks
  • Magnatune: jazz, classical, electronica releases
  • Magnatune: five albums
  • Magnatune: Life is good...with music!
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