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10 artists:

  • 4oresight: Chill Electronica with a Touch of Alternative House and Hip-Hop
  • Arphaus: aficionado of deep house, IDM and ABBA
  • FUZZIT: your go-to source for eclectic mixes between jazz, house, fusion, electronica, drum & bass, funk and downtempo music
  • Jenraytor: visceral basslines and organic house beats
  • Johnny House: Electronic Phantasmagoria, Salvation through Synthesis
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    5 albums:

  • "Bless this House" by Castle Pines
  • "JH" by Johnny House
  • "My House is the Sky" by Mundi
  • "House of the Rising Sun" by Psycliq
  • "House of Weather" by The Reminding Ideas

    50 songs:

  • "House of Rust" from "Pivot" by Amoeba
  • "Sync or Swim (Glass House Mix) - Mijo" from "Orbits" by Artemis
  • "mystery box house" from "Calabashmoon" by Daniel Berkman
  • "House On The Hill (live)" from "Strange Phenomena" by Big Bad Sun
  • "Tonko House" from "Let's Hibernate" by Emma Wallace
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    37 collections:

  • House
  • Ethereal
  • Prog Rock
  • Woman Singing Electro Pop
  • Electro Pop
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    67 matches in artist bios:

  • 4oresight: Chill Electronica with a Touch of Alternative House and Hip-Hop
  • Antonio Ciacca Quartet: Jazz played with earthiness, fire and intellect
  • Alex McCartney: Reflective, historically-informed performance on the lute
  • Amy Denio: Progressive 'world soul' music for thirsty ears
  • Anonymous Culture: stylish and sharp witted hip-hop
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  • "Live From Covent Garden" Concert Featuring Lutenist Paul Beier
  • 4 new albums at Magnatune
  • Magnatune: five new albums
  • Magnatune: Dowland, world jazz, house, fingerstyle guitar
  • Magnatune: lute, indian & world influences, hard rock instrumental, chill
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