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  • Ammonite: delicate, stylish indie electronic
  • Beight: highly listenable indie pop gems
  • Brad Sucks: brilliantly sardonic indie rock
  • Broken Poets: indie rock when lyrics were king
  • Collection Get: jazz vocalist + sad robot = indie pop
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  • Indie Rock

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  • Alan Marchand: Toe Teasin' Jazz Tunes For All Occasions
  • Amycanbe: alternative, pop, electronic, rock, trip-hop from Italy
  • Greg Annussek: a catchy brand of alternative roots rock
  • Andre Rodriguez: melodic rock combining memorable melodies with thoughtful storytelling
  • Attic Trax: Chilled downtempo with a bit of attitude
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  • Magnatune's Music Licensing Clients
  • Founder's Rant
  • What We Do For Our Musicians
  • Lisa DeBenedictus Remix Contest Now Open for Entries
  • Magnatune: five new albums
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