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  • Ya Elah: women's vocal music based in the Jewish tradition

    2 songs:

  • "Erev Shel shoshanim Erev Ba (Trad Jewish arr Dan Reiter and Natalie Cox)" from "Reflections - music to soothe and uplift the spirit" by Healing Muses
  • "Jewish Women" from "Panic Ensemble" by Panic Ensemble

    5 collections:

  • Celtic
  • Flute
  • Harp
  • Recorder
  • Prog Rock

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  • Eliyahu Sills: cross-cultural grooves
  • Kaila Flexer: Original Compositions Inspired by Far-Flung Fiddle Traditions
  • Kitka: Eastern European women's vocal music
  • Marginal Prophets: smart-alecky, 'semi-conscious' hip-hop
  • Panic Ensemble: cabaret infused rock band mixing folk and world
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