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1 album:

  • "French Kiss" by 1KUB

    23 songs:

  • "French Kiss" from "French Kiss" by 1KUB
  • "Sealed with a Kiss" from "Romantic Piano - R and R" by Alan Marchand
  • "Ae Fond Kiss" from "The Twisting of the Rope" by Aryeh Frankfurter
  • "Another Kiss is Taken" from "Modern Anguish" by Norine Braun
  • "Kiss Me Again (Instrumental)" from "Candy Empire" by Candy Empire
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    39 collections:

  • Electric Guitar
  • Contemporary Piano
  • Celtic
  • Harp
  • Ironic Rock
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    6 matches in artist bios:

  • 1KUB: energetic electro rock, rediscovering and recreating raves
  • Anthony Hugh: Singer songwriter with a little soul and grit
  • The Napoleon Blown Aparts: obnoxious high-energy rock
  • Cancer Killing Gemini: a blend of modern rock, downtempo, industrial and post grunge
  • Electric Frankenstein: high energy punk rock & roll
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    5 information pages:

  • Magnatune: new electronica/jazz, ragtime, sound design, quirk-pop
  • Magnatune: renaissance, punky, blues, ambient, instrumental hard rock
  • nu & weird jazz, guitar, electrorock
  • Magnatune: lute, hard rock, reggae, rock
  • Magnatune: 2 flute albums and 2 funky hip hop influenced

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