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  • "Black Madonna" from "Footsteps in the Sand" by Emily Burridge
  • "Ain't the Madonna Ain't Your Whore (feat Ali Holder and Mike Yannicelli)" from "One Armed Bandits" by The Raindoggs
  • "Madonna io non lo so (napolitane) (Adrian Willaert)" from "Il Rossetto, Domenico Bianchini's Lute Book (1546)" by Richard MacKenzie

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  • Cello
  • World Influenced
  • Composer: Adriano Willaert
  • Composer: Claudin de Sermisy
  • Composer: Domenico Bianchini
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  • Sophia Marie: bad ass bass with soaring femme fatale vocals

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  • Magnatune: harpsichord, percussive guitar, electrodance, punk

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