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1 artist:

  • DJ Markitos: happy trance

    5 albums:

  • "Evolution of the Mind" by DJ Markitos
  • "Inside Your Dreams" by DJ Markitos
  • "Sequences of Life" by DJ Markitos
  • "Slower Emotions-138 BPM Remixes" by DJ Markitos
  • "Unreachable Destiny" by DJ Markitos

    1 song:

  • "DJ Markitos: Interplanetary Travel" from "Electronica" by Magnatune Compilation

    4 collections:

  • Compilation
  • Hard Electronic
  • Psychedelic trance
  • Chillout

    2 matches in artist bios:

  • DJ Markitos: happy trance
  • Solar Cycle: a summer cocktail of Chill out, Electronica and Ambient

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