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  • chILL: grunge driven rock mixed with modern metal
  • Destroy The Colossus: Technical Death Metal
  • Marker Beacon: Modern Heavy Metal
  • Opera Rock: 80's sound, metal Riffs and cinematic interludes to blow your mind
  • Pain Factor: heavy metal with strong melodies and big riffs
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    3 songs:

  • "True Metal Awaits" from "Cocktail Eleven" by Daniel Bautista
  • "A Flock of Metal Creatures Fleeing the Onslaught of Rust" from "Below Zero" by Robert Rich
  • "Metal Tears" from "I love you a bit" by Windpearl

    9 collections:

  • Intense Metal
  • Electric Guitar
  • Headshaking
  • Prog Rock
  • Symphonic Metal
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    41 matches in artist bios:

  • Andy Carhart: acoustic and electronic rock guitar music with a contemplative character
  • Atomic Opera: progressive world-influenced hard rock.
  • Barks and Crock: Berlin based electronic music - from ambient atmospheric to dance
  • Bindi Society: Power Harp, Other-Worldly Vocals and Global Percussion
  • The Napoleon Blown Aparts: obnoxious high-energy rock
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  • Founder's Rant
  • How Magnatune is fixing the music industry
  • Magnatune now sells physical CDs and downloads
  • First Birthday Free Online Album Giveaway
  • Internet Music Provider Magnatune Partners with Shared-Playlist Site Webjay
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