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  • Tim Rayborn: Medieval and Middle Eastern music
  • Sherefe: Balkan and Middle Eastern Music
  • Teslim: Original and traditional acoustic string music with Turkish, Middle Eastern and Sephardic influences.

    4 collections:

  • Indian Influenced
  • Arabic influenced
  • Flute
  • Compilation

    1 mood:

  • Middle eastern mood or influences

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  • The Lost Mode: medieval music meets living modal music traditions
  • Middle-Earth Ensemble: sultry and percussive Mid-East fusion
  • Gopal: lend your heart to the dilruba
  • Eliyahu Sills: cross-cultural grooves
  • Thursday Group: melodic composed progressive Jazz
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  • Magnatune: seven new albums
  • Magnatune: megadeca release
  • Magnatune: Beethoven, Irish, Folk, Chill
  • Magnatune: ambient, baroque, world, instrumental rock
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