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2 artists:

  • Dmitry Krasnoukhov: New age romantic piano music
  • Ehren Starks: piano and cello/jazzy new age

    4 collections:

  • New Age Piano
  • World Influenced
  • Classical Piano
  • Chillout

    41 matches in artist bios:

  • Kerry Politzer: Jazz pianist with Brazilian and classical influences
  • Scott Hallgren: jazz, tango & other adventures
  • Eric Zivian: virtuoso fortepianist plays Chopin
  • Jasmine Brunch: a secret garden of lucid musical dreams
  • Kristian Taus: Collections of melancholic and minimalistic soundscapes
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  • Magnatune's clever and cunning new releases
  • Magnatune: Ehren Starks piano, Headroom Project, fantasy Ambient, tribal world music
  • Magnatune: genetically optimized
  • Magnatune: mostly classical and ambient, oh and intense hip hop and metal too
  • Magnatune: controlled polyphony
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