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  • Almaghrib: Relaxed pop and reggae music made in Italy
  • Amoeba: cinematic pop-ambient
  • Amycanbe: alternative, pop, electronic, rock, trip-hop from Italy
  • ANDROMEDA: Dance pop power vocal diva!
  • Anonymph: moody, pop-electronica with female vocals
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    2 albums:

  • "Phantom Pop" by Phantom Pop
  • "Pop Killer" by Rocket City Riot

    6 songs:

  • "P-pop" from "Octopants" by Glen Bledsoe
  • "Space Pop" from "Forever Once Already" by Broken Poets
  • "The Pop Diva Trajectory" from "Oh Yes" by Ben Rusch
  • "Shake It Pop it Drop it" from "Strait 2 the Streets" by Hwy E
  • "Pop Poet" from "One Music" by Kato Kahra
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    6 collections:

  • Woman Singing Electro Pop
  • Electro Pop
  • Experimental Electronic
  • Daydreaming
  • Singer songwriter
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    131 matches in artist bios:

  • Aitua: dreamy and beautiful original compositions on classical guitar
  • The Alien Mike ET: instrumental heavy guitar wizardry
  • Ammonite: delicate, stylish indie electronic
  • Amoeba: cinematic pop-ambient
  • ANDROMEDA: Dance pop power vocal diva!
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  • Magnatune: what's in it for musicians
  • Founder's Rant
  • Links
  • Lisa DeBenedictus Remix Contest Now Open for Entries
  • Magnatune and Hana Micron Launch TunePlug Portable USB Drive With Pre-Loaded MP3 Music From Leading Independent Artists
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