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  • "Solace Embrace" by Mokhov

    26 songs:

  • "Cuer triste et mas sans solace et sans joye (anon)" from "Un Tres Doulx Regard" by Asteria
  • "Solace" from "Exhalation_" by Exhalation
  • "Solace" from "Orpheus" by Federico Moscogiuri
  • "Saptak-Samaya Mix-Solace" from "Eastern Grooves" by DJ Cary
  • "Solace- Darban Jooth Na Boley (The Mirror Never Lies)" from "World Fusion" by Magnatune Compilation
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    13 collections:

  • Composer: Gilles Binchois
  • Composer: Guillaume Dufay
  • Composer: Jacobus Vide
  • Composer: Johannes le Grant
  • Lute
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  • Jeromy Darling: Just a pile of dirt and memories
  • Kavanah: Eclectic Intense, Industrial Ethnic, Classical phrasing, Soundtrack, Cirque
  • Mike Wall: healing music for planetary transformation

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  • A new instrument called the Hang, Ambient, New Age and new rock
  • Magnatune: Monom, Mokhov, Shoskes, Findon & more
  • snowy new releases for 2010
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