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  • Vito Paternoster: cellist extraordinaire

    19 albums:

  • "CD1-Bach Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin" by Vito Paternoster
  • "The Cello and the Revolution, Music for Diderot" by Vito Paternoster
  • "Between old and new" by Vito Paternoster
  • "Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons in forma di sonata for cello" by Vito Paternoster
  • "Pasquale Pericoli - Sei Sonate a Violoncello e basso" by Vito Paternoster
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    2 songs:

  • "Vito Paternoster - Suite VI in Re Magiore (JS Bach)" from "Romantic Dinner Classical Compilation" by Magnatune Compilation
  • "Vito Paternoster- JS Bach Partita Terza in La maggiore Preludio (allegro)" from "Classical" by Magnatune Compilation

    28 collections:

  • Composer: Filippo Martino
  • Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Composer: Georg Philip Telemann
  • Composer: Francesco Geminiani
  • Composer: Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
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  • Vito Paternoster: cellist extraordinaire

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  • Cello, Electronic, Banjo, cross genre Instrumental
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