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2 artists:

  • Putinki Church Choir: clear calm voices of spiritual music
  • Voices of Music: Lilting Renaissance & Baroque vocal interpretations

    5 albums:

  • "An Evening With Bach" by Voices of Music
  • "Bach and Telemann - Sonatas, Preludes and Fantasias" by Voices of Music
  • "JS Bach Violin Sonatas" by Voices of Music
  • "Concerto Barocco" by Voices of Music
  • "In a Garden So Green, Lute Music of Scotland" by Voices of Music

    25 collections:

  • Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
  • Celtic
  • Composer: Johann Christian Bach
  • Ethereal
  • Prog Rock
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    31 matches in artist bios:

  • Panic Ensemble: cabaret infused rock band mixing folk and world
  • Tim Rayborn: Medieval and Middle Eastern music
  • Satori: healing, meditative ambient new age
  • Thomas Otten: Captivating countertenor mixed with Shakuhachi form Japan
  • Svanevit: Scandinavian music on the Celtic harp
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    24 information pages:

  • Magnatune: renaissance gamba, new age cello & guitar, pop, ambient
  • Magnatune: five new albums
  • Magnatune: free - jingle bells on sitar and more
  • Magnatune: Amy Denio's avant-rock, classical guitar, crooner jazz, hybrid ambient
  • Magnatune: new electronica/jazz, ragtime, sound design, quirk-pop
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