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3 albums:

  • "Now and Zen" by Norine Braun
  • "Zen and the Piano" by Kourosh Dini
  • "Of Glitters and Zen" by My Equinox Divine

    4 songs:

  • "Now and Zen" from "Now and Zen" by Norine Braun
  • "Zen Camel" from "On Surfari Sessions Volume 1" by Chad Farran
  • "Zen Light and Silence" from "Mirror of the Sun" by Sambodhi Prem
  • "Zen Garden" from "The Bridge" by Sasha Merkulov

    14 collections:

  • Ironic Rock
  • Remixed by Four Stones
  • Contemporary Piano
  • Daydreaming
  • Spa and relaxation
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    11 matches in artist bios:

  • Norine Braun: jazzed up, funk-tinged eclectic pop.
  • DAC Crowell: deeply ambient new music
  • My Equinox Divine: Electropop with hints of darksynth, indie pop, and trip hop
  • Andrew Jilin: merging classical European and traditional Japanese to create captivating cinematic flute music
  • Michael Joy: dreamlike soundscapes of folk Americana
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  • Links
  • Magnatune: lute, ironic and straight jazz, classic ambient, global folk,
  • Magnatune: five new albums for 2015
  • zen flute, shredding guitar, harpsichord, cinematic rocking ambient
  • elecro chill-pop-hip-hop & Nujazz
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