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23 artists:

  • Almer and Nirvan: soulful Balkan duo featuring acoustic guitars and voice
  • Amfibia: electronic, acoustic, chillout, lounge, comopolitian, instrumental
  • Andy Carhart: acoustic and electronic rock guitar music with a contemplative character
  • Antiqcool: soul soothing acoustic guitar songs
  • Art Sonic: acoustic guitar folktronica with elements of ambient atmospheric Americana
  • Brad Senne: dreamy, acoustic folk rock
  • Cary Kanno: Uptempo, happy, banjo-driven acoustic folk pop
  • Charlie Beresford: beautifully, dark, acoustic progressive
  • Daniel Knowler: organic, atmospheric acoustic-guitar textures
  • Emiel Stopler: Filmic composer and acoustic fingerstyle guitarist
  • Greg Williams: looped acoustic guitar layers
  • Heavy Mellow: relaxing acoustic guitar duets
  • Russ Hopkins: an introspective mix of acoustic guitar based songs
  • Justin St-Pierre: Acoustic percusive guitar
  • LYNX and Janover: electro-acoustic in perfect accord
  • Maneli Jamal: east through to west acoustic guitar
  • David Modica: layers of lush acoustic guitar
  • Michael Tiernan: AAA acoustic-driven rock - Jack Johnson meets Coldplay, Keruac meets Confucius
  • Plunkett: warm acoustic indie pop from Italy
  • Reza Manzoori: minimalist acoustic guitar compositions
  • Shino: pure soulful and raw acoustic songwriter
  • Teslim: Original and traditional acoustic string music with Turkish, Middle Eastern and Sephardic influences.
  • Jeff Wahl: acoustic new age and jazz guitar.

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