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  • allMeadow and Rob Costlow: melodic piano electro-chill-mixed
  • Anonymous Culture: stylish and sharp witted hip-hop
  • Caustic Casanova: Highly electric, extremely eclectic heavy rock
  • Chiwawa: He who sings thinks no evil
  • Emmas Mini: glamorously femme electropop
  • Kalyan and Sambodhi Prem: Celebrating the Sound of the Cello
  • Linda Wood: melodic, eclectic 'quirk-pop'
  • Made of Wood: Groove laden chillout funk
  • MAKO: soul searching Irish/French indie rock
  • Opened Paradise: intense goth rock from an ancient city
  • Rebel Rebel: glamtastic Hollywood shock rock
  • Sambodhi Prem: reflections of the moon in music
  • Grayson Wray: rock in the style of the 1960's British Wave

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