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  • Wildcat Viols: viola da gamba girls gone wild!!
  • Canconier: Medieval music from the 12th to the 15th centuries
  • Susan Rode Morris: early music delivered with a voluptuous voice and intensely focused delivery
  • In Nova Cantica: carols and chansons from the 13th - 17th Centuries for dancing, festivities and mayhem
  • Bach Collegium San Diego: Bach, historically informed, vibrantly performed
  • SCD: Baroque trio
  • Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian: Beethoven Piano and Cello Works
  • Orinda: French renaissance songs
  • Farallon Recorder Quartet: renaissance recorder ensemble
  • Streicher Trio: classical chamber music on period instruments
  • Pavlova Wind Quintet: exploring unusual, exciting areas of the classical and non-classical wind quintet repertoire
  • Duo de Bois: exquisite chamber music
  • Hanneke van Proosdij: vibrant harpsichord-music
  • Sulis: heavenly, healing, early music
  • Music of the Spheres: small Baroque chamber ensemble
  • Ostraka: virtuosic music for viol, lutes and guitars
  • Music for a Winter's Eve: Early song and dance to celebrate midwinter
  • Musica Pacifica: Baroque and traditional music from England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Cheryl Ann Fulton: World-class performer and teacher of Medieval, Baroque, Welsh triple, Celtic and Concert harps.
  • Gonzalo X Ruiz: baroque oboist extraordinaire
  • Ensemble Electra: electrifying music from the Italian Baroque

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