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11 albums:

  • "Mozart 4 Quartets for Strings and Winds" by American Baroque
  • "Dances and Suites of Rameau and Couperin" by American Baroque
  • "The Four Seasons by Vivaldi" by American Baroque
  • "Baroque Concertos on 8 String Guitar" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Elegance and Refinement - Baroque Suites, French Sweets" by Ivan Ilic
  • "Baroque Works for Horn and Organ" by Louis Larouche
  • "Baroque Lute Duets" by Edward Martin and Paul Berget
  • "Deux Grands Maitres de l'Ecriture pour le Luth Baroque et le Theorbe" by Mauricio Buraglia
  • "Promenade en Europe Luth Baroque" by Mauricio Buraglia
  • "A Baroque Mosaic" by The Sarasa Ensemble
  • "Italian Baroque Music for Archlute" by Francesca Torelli

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