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  • Dayazell: ancient and traditional world music
  • Hybris: gothic darkwave hard-edged rock
  • The Napoleon Blown Aparts: obnoxious high-energy rock
  • FUR: melodic fury meets post-punk, shoegaze, alternative
  • Mike Goudreau Jazz Band: boppin', swingin' joie de vivre whether it's jazz or blues
  • Rejuvenescence: soothing meditation music.
  • iNTROSPEKT: intelligent, varied, beat-driven electronica.
  • Jambedaem: modern original jazz from Austria
  • Artemis: Alternative / Downtempo / Electro-pop
  • Philipp Weigl: austere electronica with melancholy vocals
  • Ostraka: virtuosic music for viol, lutes and guitars
  • Caustic Casanova: Highly electric, extremely eclectic heavy rock
  • Jamie Janover: innovative hammered dulcimer
  • Spinecar: heavy modern rock.
  • Laura Dreyer: jazz, funk and rock with a Brazilian flair
  • Lie Big: Brooding, melodic grunge
  • Jesus in Japan: a reflective voice in a noisy world
  • Kat Webb: Smooth, sultry Rhythm and Blues from a Southern songstress
  • Thirty Day Notice: Somewhere Between Pleasantly Hypnotic and Slightly Disturbing
  • Chambure Vihuela Quartet: Dance music and songs of Renaissance Spain
  • Riot Kings: when music rocks, Riot Kings rule!
  • Petr Venkrbec: electro jazz full of nice surprises
  • Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles: Vintage Swing in the 21st Century
  • English Ayres: traditional early English music
  • Yongen: transnational dream pop luxury
  • Candidate: Hook-laden anthems of survival and triumph
  • Trip Wamsley: Atmospheric Jazz bass
  • Suzanne Teng: world flute with a serene energy
  • Arthur Yoria: catchy, whip smart alt-rock
  • Firesphere: Big epic dark heavy and soul shaking
  • Jackalopes: high energy Horror-Punk Rock and Roll
  • Big Bad Sun: raunchy blues rock
  • Wicked Allstars: electronica with cool house and rock elements
  • Kendra Springer: lyrical piano music to lift your spirits
  • Electric Frankenstein: high energy punk rock & roll
  • Damsel Down: uplifting rock to take the top down and drive to
  • Tonethief: laid back and tempting tunes
  • Heifervescent: Shimmering indie guitar pop with orchestral moments
  • Flurries: a fresh, textured fusion of classic meets modern art rock
  • Sundowner: shape-shifting space rock sound of vast drifting guitar-scapes
  • The Seldon Plan: sophisticated rock with emo undercurrents

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