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14 artists:

  • Big Bad Sun: raunchy blues rock
  • Burnshee Thornside: funny, funky blues
  • Deep Winter: Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, Blues Rock
  • Bluesboy Jag: authentic 1920's solo blues guitar
  • Kaissa: modern African music with elements of rhythm'n'blues, pop, and jazz
  • Kat Webb: Smooth, sultry Rhythm and Blues from a Southern songstress
  • Kettleblack: original, blues-based rock and roll
  • Barbara Leoni: blues rock
  • Mark Cook: blues guitar legend in the making
  • Matt Rusin: Experimental Electro Blues at its Finest
  • Mike Goudreau Jazz Band: boppin', swingin' joie de vivre whether it's jazz or blues
  • Mojo Radio: dirty blues fo' yo' dirty minds
  • Matt van den Heuvel: mesmerizing, groovy blends of Afrobeat, Jazz, Blues, and more
  • Version: Electro-Reggae-Blues.

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