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  • Aryeh Frankfurter: Timeless and enchanting folk music for the soul
  • Atomic Opera: progressive world-influenced hard rock.
  • Beat Under Control: jazz/dub intense electro funk
  • Bill Robinson: New Music in the Classical context
  • Duo de Bois: exquisite chamber music
  • Christos Anestopoulos: Where East meets West meets Jazz meets...Classical
  • Commusicare: musical conversation from the Renaissance to the Baroque
  • Werner Durand: experimental wind buzzing instruments
  • Emily Burridge: beautiful music that is fluid across genres, encompassing classical to contemporary to world
  • Ensemble Electra: electrifying music from the Italian Baroque
  • Eric Zivian: virtuoso fortepianist plays Chopin
  • Felixdroid: austere, personal, dreamy music
  • Claire Fitch: ambient cellist
  • Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne: Two Worlds, One Music
  • Hans Christian: new age meets Indian cello
  • JungHae Kim: deeply elegant harpsichord
  • Laetoli Steps: indie-folk super-group's debut album
  • Sherefe: Balkan and Middle Eastern Music
  • Jeff McAuley: explorations and compositions on the cello
  • Mercy Machine: introspective avant-pop songs
  • Ensemble Mirable: rare and extraordinary music of the Baroque
  • Margaret Maria Tobolowska: Sweeping new age cello
  • Mountain Mirrors: moody melodic prog rock
  • Musica Pacifica: Baroque and traditional music from England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Mundi: Early music meets global folk at the Penguin Café
  • Osamu Kitajima and Chris Mancinelli: pan pacific ambient dance masters
  • Oliostere: Progressive jazz frolicking on melodic polyrhythms
  • Vito Paternoster: cellist extraordinaire
  • Barry Phillips: Scandinavian folkish cello
  • Gonzalo X Ruiz: baroque oboist extraordinaire
  • Music of the Spheres: small Baroque chamber ensemble
  • Streicher Trio: classical chamber music on period instruments
  • Superdirt2: highly danceable electro beats with virtuouso cello
  • Toni Iniguez: classical guitar and Nature
  • Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian: Beethoven Piano and Cello Works
  • Ensemble Vermillian: Richly textured 17th and 18th century cello and recorder
  • Wildcat Viols: viola da gamba girls gone wild!!
  • Yumi Kurosawa: melodic and mixed world tunes on Japanese Koto

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