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  • Angelight: New Age/World Music for mankind from Russia
  • Professor Armchair: demented 19th century children's music
  • Cary Kanno: Uptempo, happy, banjo-driven acoustic folk pop
  • Curl: Groovy, French downtempo electro-rock songs
  • Daria: Music to inspire all the World's children
  • Dmitry Krasnoukhov: New age romantic piano music
  • Doug Hamer: Solo Fingerstyle Guitar and Beautiful Impressionistic Instrumentals
  • Ensemble Electra: electrifying music from the Italian Baroque
  • Emmalee Crane: ambient, orchestral drone music
  • Ernst Stolz: Renaissance and Baroque beautiful music revealed by Dutch gambist and multi-instrumentalist
  • Galliarda: Renaissance and Baroque music from Byrd to Handel
  • Heifervescent: Shimmering indie guitar pop with orchestral moments
  • Russ Hopkins and Jerry Palmer: a tapestry of world music
  • Kavanah: Eclectic Intense, Industrial Ethnic, Classical phrasing, Soundtrack, Cirque
  • Keri Newdigate: Evocative, atmospheric, soothing piano
  • Lizzi: groovy downtempo rock
  • Louis Lingg and the Bombs: punk rock to blow your head off
  • Margaret Maria Tobolowska: Sweeping new age cello
  • Michael Tiernan: AAA acoustic-driven rock - Jack Johnson meets Coldplay, Keruac meets Confucius
  • Marko Nouwens: classical piano sonatinas for students
  • Pavlova Wind Quintet: exploring unusual, exciting areas of the classical and non-classical wind quintet repertoire
  • Stephane Potvin and the Con Brio Choir: choral conductor extraordinaire
  • La Reverie: Recreating traditional music from a modern perspective
  • Richard MacKenzie: Virtuoso English Lutenist and Guitarist
  • Gonzalo X Ruiz: baroque oboist extraordinaire
  • Sebastian Forster: exquisitely performed Beethoven piano sonatas
  • Sulis: heavenly, healing, early music
  • Susan Rode Morris: early music delivered with a voluptuous voice and intensely focused delivery
  • Tom Paul: Roots rock meets contemporary folk
  • Music for a Winter's Eve: Early song and dance to celebrate midwinter

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