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  • "The Sound Of Sleat Christmas Day i'da Morn'" from "Sounds of the Season" by Aryeh Frankfurter
  • "Sing We Now of Christmas" from "A Solo Piano Christmas" by Chad Lawson
  • "O Christmas Tree" from "Santa Take the Night Off" by Emma Wallace
  • "Waiting for our Christmas" from "The Birth of a Dancing Star" by Gianmarco Leone
  • "Twelth Eve Christmas Cheer Chestnut Vagary" from "All Hayle to the Days" by Harper's Hamper
  • "Post Oak Christmas" from "Elementary" by JaxBros
  • "Christmas Tree" from "Laetoli Steps" by Laetoli Steps
  • "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" from "Modern Carols" by Mike McGuill
  • "Merry Christmas" from "Surface" by Processor
  • "Christmas Day in the Morning" from "The Castle of the Holly King" by Shira Kammen
  • "O Christmas Tree" from "Christmas Guitar" by Jeff Wahl
  • "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" from "Christmas Guitar" by Jeff Wahl
  • "Christmas Eve Day New Year's Night" from "Bringing Light to the Darkness" by Music for a Winter's Eve

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