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32 artists:

  • American Baroque: Spectacular Baroque and Classical chamber music
  • Aitua: dreamy and beautiful original compositions on classical guitar
  • Andreas Almqvist: elegant classical guitar
  • Simone Angele and Amir Kalhor: Classical styles of India and Persia and Oriental Fusion
  • Brian Bunker Trio: A riotous romp through the worlds of jazz, classical and rock
  • Bill Robinson: New Music in the Classical context
  • Chris Field: Music in the Twenty-First Century, a hybrid blend of classical and ambient music
  • Christos Anestopoulos: Where East meets West meets Jazz meets...Classical
  • Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand: experimental winds meets Indian classical
  • DP Kaufman: ambient, melodic electronica meets neo-classical
  • Emily Burridge: beautiful music that is fluid across genres, encompassing classical to contemporary to world
  • Daniel Estrem: colorful classical guitar
  • Ivan Ilic: dazzling classical pianist
  • Andrew Jilin: merging classical European and traditional Japanese to create captivating cinematic flute music
  • Joseph Nimoh: uplifting solo piano pieces with influences from classical, jazz and gospel music
  • Kaare Norge: outstanding classical guitar
  • Kavanah: Eclectic Intense, Industrial Ethnic, Classical phrasing, Soundtrack, Cirque
  • Kerry Politzer: Jazz pianist with Brazilian and classical influences
  • Ensemble Libro Primo: A fantastic classical violin and lute duo interpreting Baroque composers
  • Ladislav Jelinek: classical works from a World renowned pianist
  • Mauricio Buraglia: a marvelous classical spiral of lute sounds
  • Mogilalia: surrealist, modern classical ambient with tranquil trascendence
  • Marko Nouwens: classical piano sonatinas for students
  • Pavlova Wind Quintet: exploring unusual, exciting areas of the classical and non-classical wind quintet repertoire
  • Romualdo Barone: Classical solo clarinet
  • Minstrel Spirit: medieval, celtic, classical, pop, folk inspired music
  • Stanislav: Laid-back, cool, electroakoustic, classical music, ethno, jazzy soundtracks
  • Streicher Trio: classical chamber music on period instruments
  • Suchitra Lata: Swirling Chillout, Ambient, World, Progressive Pop, Indian classical veena and much more in between
  • Toni Iniguez: classical guitar and Nature
  • Robert F Trucios: classical piano
  • Elizabeth Wolff: 19th century classical piano

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