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15 albums:

  • "Oasis" by Ensemble Al Asdeka
  • "Dolci Miei Sospiri" by Ensemble Carpe Diem
  • "Francesco Barsanti Sonatas for Recorder and Basso Continuo" by Ensemble Electra
  • "Italian Cantatas and Sonatas (GF Handel and Caldara)" by The Kingsbury Ensemble
  • "Fantasia Incantata" by Ensemble Libro Primo
  • "Lavender" by Middle-Earth Ensemble
  • "Passage_" by Middle-Earth Ensemble
  • "Conversations Galantes" by Ensemble Mirable
  • "Influenza Italiana" by Ensemble Mirable
  • "Triemer Six Cello Sonatas" by Ensemble Mirable
  • "A Different Story" by Panic Ensemble
  • "Panic Ensemble" by Panic Ensemble
  • "Bach Cantatas" by The Sarasa Ensemble
  • "A Baroque Mosaic" by The Sarasa Ensemble
  • "Stolen Jewels" by Ensemble Vermillian

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