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15 artists:

  • Ensemble Al Asdeka: spicy and hypnotic melding of Arabic and Jazz
  • Da Camera: Celtic Renaissance/Baroque Ensemble
  • Ensemble Carpe Diem: Early music featuring Italian affetti from Switzerland
  • Ensemble Electra: electrifying music from the Italian Baroque
  • Farallon Recorder Quartet: renaissance recorder ensemble
  • The Kingsbury Ensemble: masterpieces that graced the courts of Europe, played with style and passion
  • Ensemble Libro Primo: A fantastic classical violin and lute duo interpreting Baroque composers
  • Middle-Earth Ensemble: sultry and percussive Mid-East fusion
  • Ensemble Mirable: rare and extraordinary music of the Baroque
  • Panic Ensemble: cabaret infused rock band mixing folk and world
  • The Sarasa Ensemble: Lively, bright Baroque
  • Music of the Spheres: small Baroque chamber ensemble
  • Altri Stromenti: 17th century baroque ensemble
  • Ensemble Vermillian: Richly textured 17th and 18th century cello and recorder
  • Zephyrus: Early Music vocal ensemble

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