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9 songs:

  • "States of Faith" from "Modern Anguish" by Norine Braun
  • "Faith-Path" from "Drops of Rainbow" by Dmitry Krasnoukhov
  • "A Giant Leap Of Faith" from "Soundtrack for Motion" by Dave Preston
  • "Faith In A Field Of Mines" from "Centuries" by Destroy The Colossus
  • "Faith By Truth" from "Decade" by future_former
  • "Faith" from "Silence" by Icicle
  • "Give Me Faith" from "TGIF" by Mike Goudreau Jazz Band
  • "Of Little Faith" from "Change is the Only Constant" by Seconds Before
  • "Leap of Faith" from "Savanna Radio" by Matt van den Heuvel

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