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28 artists:

  • Anne Garner: folk, electronica and classical threads weaving enchanted tales of wonder and woe
  • Allen Cote: American folk music sessions with feel good vibes
  • Aryeh Frankfurter: Timeless and enchanting folk music for the soul
  • Brad Senne: dreamy, acoustic folk rock
  • Dixie Cannon: Rock solid Pop rock, Vintage rock, Classic rock, Folk rock and Art rock
  • The Donnis Trio: natural mix of rock, folk, and reggae
  • Anna Rynefors and Erik Ask Upmark: swedish folk music
  • Shira Kammen: early folk and celtic music.
  • Fresh Body Shop: modern alt-rock with a bluesy folk touch
  • JaxBros: A melodic blend of folk and pop
  • Michael Joy: dreamlike soundscapes of folk Americana
  • Laetoli Steps: indie-folk super-group's debut album
  • Jeffrey Luck Lucas: darkly gorgeous, cinematic folk
  • Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes: Rolling Roots Folk Pop from the band of Australian singer-songwriter Mark Boulle
  • Mark Boulle: meaningful Indie Folk Pop from the Gold Coast, Australia
  • Jeni Melia: Elizabethan lute and folk song
  • Mundi: Early music meets global folk at the Penguin Café
  • Nathan Mathes: melody-driven indie-folk
  • OGMA: deliciously melodic and energizing friendly folk rock
  • Panacea: Eastern and Western European folk music.
  • Panic Ensemble: cabaret infused rock band mixing folk and world
  • Pranavibes: creating a colorful atmosphere thats mixes tribal world music, African rhythms, folk and many rythmes
  • Robin Grey: gently experimental nu-folk
  • Minstrel Spirit: medieval, celtic, classical, pop, folk inspired music
  • SHE SAID SAVE ME: gimmick free, pure acousto-folk
  • Sun Palace: gossamer folk-rock
  • Tom Bolton: contemporary folk
  • Tom Paul: Roots rock meets contemporary folk

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