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  • Aitua: dreamy and beautiful original compositions on classical guitar
  • Almer and Nirvan: soulful Balkan duo featuring acoustic guitars and voice
  • Andreas Almqvist: elegant classical guitar
  • Alex McCartney: Reflective, historically-informed performance on the lute
  • Anthony Salvo: solo and layered violin music on the theme of relational and spiritual intimacy
  • Bindi Society: Power Harp, Other-Worldly Vocals and Global Percussion
  • Block Scholars: Award Winning Independent Hip Hop Group
  • Brad Sucks: brilliantly sardonic indie rock
  • Briddes Roune: 13th century medieval English songs
  • Broken Poets: indie rock when lyrics were king
  • Burnshee Thornside: funny, funky blues
  • Christos Anestopoulos: Where East meets West meets Jazz meets...Classical
  • dammerson vaughan: atmospheric, evocative, film-y instrumentals
  • Daniel Ben Pienaar: virtuoso pianist playing Bach's 48
  • DP Kaufman: ambient, melodic electronica meets neo-classical
  • Dr Sounds: spacey ambient/dark new age
  • Adam Fielding: atmospheric dance music with cool vocals
  • Claire Fitch: ambient cellist
  • in giro: defiantly homemade pop rock music
  • Laura Inserra: the Hang, a new instrument from Switzerland
  • Iordache: Free funk governed by the rules of chance
  • Jackal and Wolf: cunning & ferocious rock music
  • Jambedaem: modern original jazz from Austria
  • Jasmine Brunch: a secret garden of lucid musical dreams
  • Jarkko Hietanen: cinematic composer with an electronic past
  • Love Amplifier: Lose yourself in the electronic
  • Marcos H Bolanos: atmospheric, instrumental soundtracks for daydreaming
  • Mark Cook: blues guitar legend in the making
  • Marker Beacon: Modern Heavy Metal
  • Mojo Radio: dirty blues fo' yo' dirty minds
  • Michael Tiernan: AAA acoustic-driven rock - Jack Johnson meets Coldplay, Keruac meets Confucius
  • Nova Casa: Baroque chamber music from Poland
  • Petar Alargic: a vision inspiring voyage across the diameters of your imagination
  • Pavlova Wind Quintet: exploring unusual, exciting areas of the classical and non-classical wind quintet repertoire
  • Petr Venkrbec: electro jazz full of nice surprises
  • Poeticall Musicke: Late Renaissance and Early Baroque music, historically performed
  • Ras Tilo: dub, reggae, hip hop and world music from the heart
  • Roe: A journey into the deep, beyond the bounds of ambient music
  • Rougge: the two hundred and twenty two strings of a piano and a voice
  • Svara: New music from the whole world
  • Tatyana Kalmykova: ancient Russian songs and instruments
  • thirty3: Music in a gravity-free environment
  • Ustoz: emotive electronica formed from the modern world
  • Philipp Weigl: austere electronica with melancholy vocals

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