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  • "Feel Free" from "Retrograze" by Attic Trax
  • "My Mind Is Free" from "Truth_" by The Bots
  • "Feel Free Plastic Surgery" from "Guess Who's a Mess" by Brad Sucks
  • "Fly Free" from "Ultimate Station" by Curl
  • "Bonus track Free Guitars Forever" from "Symphony No1 in A minor, Op12" by Daniel Bautista
  • "Free" from "Liquid Harmony" by Giorgio Costantini
  • "Free at Last" from "Acoustic Levitation" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "To be free" from "Lucid Dreams" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "Splendid Drums Attacked By Free Jazz" from "Bent Oh Man" by Jon Swift
  • "Free My Heart" from "Fantasia" by Kaare Norge
  • "Finally Free" from "A Better Picture" by Kat Webb
  • "Free Energy" from "Faces of Epiphany" by Kenji Williams
  • "Free Love" from "Bullfrog" by Kettleblack
  • "I Want To Be Free" from "The Beauty of the Earth" by Lydia McCauley
  • "Free Fall" from "Narcotherapy Hypnosis" by Made of Wood
  • "Free" from "Dead Frequencies" by Marker Beacon
  • "Free Fall" from "Morphogenesis" by Musical Mandalas
  • "Everybody's Free" from "Keep Your Head Up" by The Old Recruits
  • "Free Melodica featuring Woolf (Freedom remix)" from "Ras Tilo and Friends - Creative Commons" by Ras Tilo
  • "Set Me Free" from "Twisted" by Sophia Marie
  • "Let Us Be Free" from "ILL-Emental" by Soundami
  • "Stress Free" from "Shores" by Terracotta Blue
  • "Free" from "Tokyo507" by Tokyo507
  • "Free Me" from "Lemuria" by TranceVision
  • "Clean For Free" from "Handshake Smiles" by Arthur Yoria

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