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  • 1KUB: energetic electro rock, rediscovering and recreating raves
  • American Baroque: Spectacular Baroque and Classical chamber music
  • Aitua: dreamy and beautiful original compositions on classical guitar
  • Barbepeste Official Orchestra: Ahoy and shiver your timbers to some Irish World music with a smattering of pirates
  • Curl: Groovy, French downtempo electro-rock songs
  • Dayazell: ancient and traditional world music
  • Delko: dusts off the rock
  • Emmalee Crane: ambient, orchestral drone music
  • Ernst Stolz: Renaissance and Baroque beautiful music revealed by Dutch gambist and multi-instrumentalist
  • EuchMad: Hypnotic and touching, Euchmad immerses us in a fantasy world
  • Claire Fitch: ambient cellist
  • John Fleagle: austere and beautiful medieval songs.
  • Musica Franca: buoyant Baroque bassoon
  • Galliarda: Renaissance and Baroque music from Byrd to Handel
  • Gilles Zimmermann: viola da gamba creating new world music
  • Jeremy Moyer: Erhu music bridging Eastern, Western, Contemporary and Folk traditions
  • Jon Swift: northwest guitarist at large
  • The Kingsbury Ensemble: masterpieces that graced the courts of Europe, played with style and passion
  • Kathleen McIntosh: delicious harpsichord rarities
  • Katherine Roberts Perl: Bach on the harpsichord - poetic and expressive
  • Marker Beacon: Modern Heavy Metal
  • Mikal Evans: indie sound, southern soul
  • Mike Goudreau Jazz Band: boppin', swingin' joie de vivre whether it's jazz or blues
  • Ensemble Mirable: rare and extraordinary music of the Baroque
  • Mundi: Early music meets global folk at the Penguin Café
  • Music Inside: funky bubbling electronic pop
  • Oliostere: Progressive jazz frolicking on melodic polyrhythms
  • Ou: lively Sardinian/italian World music sextet from Rome
  • Phil Rey: high impact dramatic film score music
  • Stephane Potvin and the Con Brio Choir: choral conductor extraordinaire
  • Ras Tilo: dub, reggae, hip hop and world music from the heart
  • Robin Grey: gently experimental nu-folk
  • Rougge: the two hundred and twenty two strings of a piano and a voice
  • Gerard Satamian: Exquisite original melodic pieces
  • Soleil Vert: composed electronic music contrasted with ambient nature
  • Suchitra Lata: Swirling Chillout, Ambient, World, Progressive Pop, Indian classical veena and much more in between
  • Susan Adams: Marvelously played classical piano pieces
  • Tanya Tomkins and Eric Zivian: Beethoven Piano and Cello Works
  • Trio Dafne: delicate 17th century chansons
  • Viva La Pepa: Spanish, Sephardic and French traditions served on a bed of drones
  • Windpearl: Eclectic, atmospheric hard electronica with a helping of chiptune sounds and drum & bass

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