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  • Magnatune: lute, indian & world influences, hard rock instrumental, chill
  • Ironic jazz, Handel on Guitar, Couperin Harpsichord, and Hard Electronica
  • Magnatune: celebrating independence
  • Magnatune: ambient, jazz, French punk, electronica
  • Viola, world groove, baroque, modern symphonic
  • Magnatune: Diderot, Beethoven, Baroque, Jazz & Rock
  • Monom, William Brooks, Moh Alilech, Matsuishi Takashi Fritz
  • Magnatune: lute, ironic and straight jazz, classic ambient, global folk,
  • Magnatune: ambient, jazz, French punk, electronica
  • lute, ambient piano, acid & fun altpop
  • Magnatune: ambient, baroque, world, instrumental rock
  • Carnatic Indian, classical lute, crystalline ambient, acoustic guitar
  • Cello explorations, electro-chill, renaissance lute, energetic electro-rock
  • Magnatune: friendly, plays nice music
  • Magnatune: new albums for the new year
  • Magnatune: Jazz, Lute, New Age
  • nu & weird jazz, guitar, electrorock
  • Magnatune: guitar, piano, jazz, new age, electro
  • Magnatune: grungy blues, varied electrorock, new gamba works, and dark ambient from Rapoon
  • Magnatune: five new albums for 2015
  • Magnatune: a magnificent obsession
  • Magnatune: lute, hard rock, reggae, rock
  • acoustic-guitar textures, nu jazz, lute, modern-dub influences
  • Magnatune: world jazz, indian chillout piano, ethnic house music, spanish classical guitar
  • Magnatune: downtempo, folk, Catalan early music, jazz guitar
  • Magnatune: new classical, bop & blues, retrofuturistic
  • Magnatune: downtempo, folk, Catalan early music, jazz guitar
  • Magnatune's lush melodies
  • Diverse forms of electronica
  • lute, hard electronic and charming indie rock
  • Borrowed time
  • Magnatune: classical, jazz, ambient, world
  • Magnatune: Recs, Reef, Stult, Solitude, Bach harpsichord suites on guitar
  • Magnatune: Bach, Crooner Jazz, Dusty Soundtracks, Avant Rock, Lawson
  • Magnatune: megadeca release
  • Magnatune: world funk, lute, chill, lush downtempo
  • Magnatune: back of the closet picks
  • Magnatune: Beethoven, Early Music, Harp, Folk, electro
  • Magnatune: folk, world, handel, and a children's music album
  • Magnatune: mostly classical and ambient, oh and intense hip hop and metal too
  • Magnatune: 2 flute albums and 2 funky hip hop influenced

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