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  • Barbepeste Official Orchestra: Ahoy and shiver your timbers to some Irish World music with a smattering of pirates
  • Bindi Society: Power Harp, Other-Worldly Vocals and Global Percussion
  • The Celtic Reggae Revolution: Saint Patrick was Jamaican! Reggae's Irish Connections
  • Claudia Schwab: Irish, Indian, Swedish and Eastern European music styles overlaid with Austrian yodelling
  • David Augustin: Soundtracks to accompany 'interesting times'
  • Dayazell: ancient and traditional world music
  • Fernwood: Music played by hand on instruments made of wood
  • Claire Fitch: ambient cellist
  • Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne: Two Worlds, One Music
  • Galliarda: Renaissance and Baroque music from Byrd to Handel
  • Healing Muses: early music for healing
  • Harper's Hamper: well loved and lesser known British carols for the festive season, performed with single voices and instruments
  • James Akers: Lively, refined lute playing and questing musicianship
  • Kiwi: world roots soul music
  • Lisa Lynne: Inspirational, uplifting, gentle, and soothing Celtic harp, World flutes, guitar and more.
  • Michael Lovatt: Deep House and Tech with a trippy downtempo vibe
  • Pavlova Wind Quintet: exploring unusual, exciting areas of the classical and non-classical wind quintet repertoire
  • Ras Tilo: dub, reggae, hip hop and world music from the heart
  • Urban Response: Funky Urban Tropical Electro Trip-Hop from Brazil
  • Music for a Winter's Eve: Early song and dance to celebrate midwinter

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