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  • Antonio Ciacca Quartet: Jazz played with earthiness, fire and intellect
  • Amycanbe: alternative, pop, electronic, rock, trip-hop from Italy
  • AndrewPlusJohn: soulful electric guitar in a smooth and gentle landscape
  • Audio70: groovy fusions between Electronica and Prog Rock on the keyboard
  • Duo de Bois: exquisite chamber music
  • Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand: experimental winds meets Indian classical
  • Dmitry Krasnoukhov: New age romantic piano music
  • Ensemble Carpe Diem: Early music featuring Italian affetti from Switzerland
  • Emiel Stopler: Filmic composer and acoustic fingerstyle guitarist
  • Ernst Stolz: Renaissance and Baroque beautiful music revealed by Dutch gambist and multi-instrumentalist
  • Musica Franca: buoyant Baroque bassoon
  • Giovanni Ceccarelli: creative jazz with an international flavor
  • Giorgio Costantini: Intense and minimalist new-classic piano and cinematic orchestration
  • Laura Inserra: the Hang, a new instrument from Switzerland
  • Katrina Wreede: From Fun and Jazzy to Moody and Melancholic
  • Kinky Atoms: blue tunes, with experimental electro-gloom
  • Kato Kahra: a world of independent music with electronic spice
  • Jeffrey Luck Lucas: darkly gorgeous, cinematic folk
  • Misericordia: sickeningly good Medieval
  • Musica Pacifica: Baroque and traditional music from England, Scotland and Ireland
  • Nova Casa: Baroque chamber music from Poland
  • Nuform: Innovative, emotional and trippy electronic music
  • Ou: lively Sardinian/italian World music sextet from Rome
  • Suchita Parte: ancient Indian songs in a modern blend
  • Plunkett: warm acoustic indie pop from Italy
  • Rapoon: Ambient/World dream field
  • Roe: A journey into the deep, beyond the bounds of ambient music
  • Entheogenic Sound Explorers: Dubby, hypnotic ambient with a sense of hope and being
  • Sun Palace: gossamer folk-rock
  • Susan Adams: Marvelously played classical piano pieces
  • Tears of Sirens: Ethereal tunes, hypnotic hammerings, experimentations, celestial and apocalyptic voices
  • Francesca Torelli: deep interpreter of lute music
  • Valter Carignano and Michela Varda: Italian songs on poems of Gabriele D'Annunzio
  • Vox Nostra: gorgeously complex and rich vocals using manuscripts from the middle ages

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