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  • "Live From Covent Garden" Concert Featuring Lutenist Paul Beier
  • "Live From Covent Garden" Concert With Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
  • Magnatune: Dowland, world jazz, house, fingerstyle guitar
  • Magnatune: lute, indian & world influences, hard rock instrumental, chill
  • Magnatune: five albums
  • Magnatune: clarinet, lute, harp & electronica
  • Magnatune: 4 new albums, or is it 8 new albums?
  • acoustic guitar, jazz, cello, big beats
  • Magnatune: celebrating independence
  • Classical, acoustic folk pop, Rolling Roots Folk Pop, surrealist, modern classical ambient
  • Magnatune: clarinet, lute, harp & electronica
  • Magnatune: Diderot, Beethoven, Baroque, Jazz & Rock
  • Magnatune: gorgeous back catalog
  • Magnatune: new iphone apps, how to write a press release, 5 new albums
  • Magnatune: introspective renaissance
  • funk, harpsichord, pop/reggae, ambient
  • Magnatune: lute, ironic and straight jazz, classic ambient, global folk,
  • lute, ambient piano, acid & fun altpop
  • eclectic jazz, cinematic soundscapes, percusive acoustic guitar, sound meditations
  • Magnatune: Typical,!
  • Some new albums
  • Magnatune: new albums for the new year
  • Magnatune's clever and cunning new releases
  • Vate, Cuni, Liquid Rainbow, Eight Gates, Matt van den Heuvel
  • snowy new releases for 2010
  • pop/reggae/dub/jazz/atmospheric
  • Magnatune: lute, hard rock, reggae, rock
  • acoustic-guitar textures, nu jazz, lute, modern-dub influences
  • Magnatune: world jazz, indian chillout piano, ethnic house music, spanish classical guitar
  • Magnatune locked up & lettin' go - new releases
  • Magnatune: new classical, world, electronica albums
  • lute, hard electronic and charming indie rock
  • Magnatune: lots of new xmas albums
  • Magnatune: seven new albums
  • Magnatune: seven new albums in varied genres
  • Magnatune: Beethoven, Irish, Folk, Chill
  • Magnatune: Recs, Reef, Stult, Solitude, Bach harpsichord suites on guitar
  • Magnatune: Bach, Crooner Jazz, Dusty Soundtracks, Avant Rock, Lawson
  • Magnatune: Tosti, Handel, ethnic house, jazz
  • Magnatune over xmas 2
  • Magnatune: baroque lute, worldly fiddle, electro & blues rock
  • Dramatic releases
  • open music inside

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