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  • "Like Lisa" from "Amber Sands" by Claudia Schwab
  • "Love Bird (featuring Lisa DeBenedictis) by callmeyang" from "Mixter One" by Lisa DeBenedictis
  • "Ibiza Lisa" from "The New Art Of Urban Flamenco" by Eric Kamen
  • "Lisa's Lullaby" from "Kaila Flexer and Friends, Original Music Inspired by Far-Flung Fiddle Traditions" by Kaila Flexer
  • "Lisa DeBenedictis : Sidetrack" from "After Dinner Lounge" by DJ Cary
  • "Below (Ashwan-Lisa Debenedictis)" from "Downtempo Chill 2" by DJ Cary
  • "Below - DU Remix (Deutscheunschuld-Lisa DeBenedictis)" from "The Art of Persuasion" by Magnatune Compilation
  • "Cuckoo - Passive Aggressive Mix (HisBoyElroy - Lisa DeBenedictis" from "The Art of Persuasion" by Magnatune Compilation
  • "Lisa Debenedictis - Fruitless" from "Red Hat Summit Compilation" by Magnatune Compilation
  • "The Banks of Green Willow (George Butterworth arr Lisa Portus)" from "New arrangements for wind quintet" by Pavlova Wind Quintet

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