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  • "Christ Child Lullaby" from "Sounds of the Season" by Aryeh Frankfurter
  • "A Sort of Lullaby" from "The Stars and the Moon" by Barry James
  • "Six String Lullaby" from "Strange Slumber, Music for Wonderful Dreams" by Barry James
  • "Takeda Lullaby Inner Space" from "Beautiful Earth" by Bella Gaia
  • "Lullaby" from "Heartstrings" by Daniel Berkman
  • "Lullaby Set (Kammen - Swan)" from "Music from Braid" by Sieber, Kammen and Fulton
  • "Morning Lullaby" from "Breath of Life" by Cobb Bussinger
  • "Lullaby (Roy Marks)" from "A Spagna in the Works" by Alison Crum and Roy Marks
  • "A Lullaby" from "We Are Complex" by Curl
  • "Lullaby Waltz" from "Zen and the Piano" by Kourosh Dini
  • "Lullaby" from "Monkey Town" by Dixie Cannon
  • "Lullaby" from "Legend" by Dmitry Krasnoukhov
  • "Lullaby" from "Stargazing" by Emiel Stopler
  • "Jimbo's Lullaby - Children's Corner (Claude Debussy)" from "Debussy on Guitar and Ukulele" by Daniel Estrem
  • "Christ Child Lullaby (Traditional Hebrides)" from "Dolce Musica - A Contemplative Journey" by Healing Muses
  • "Chinar es (You are a plane tree) (Traditional Armenian lullaby arr Gomidas)" from "Garden of Healing" by Healing Muses
  • "Lullaby Hush my dear" from "All Hayle to the Days" by Harper's Hamper
  • "Lullaby" from "Immersion" by Hector Mukomol
  • "Lullaby for a Hibernating Bear Cub" from "4" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "Lullaby" from "Mews" by Jasmine Brunch
  • "Margaret's Lullaby" from "Soul Gardener" by Jerry Palmer
  • "Lisa's Lullaby" from "Kaila Flexer and Friends, Original Music Inspired by Far-Flung Fiddle Traditions" by Kaila Flexer
  • "Brahm's Lullaby" from "Life is but a Dream" by Lisa Lynne
  • "Gartan mother's lullaby (trad)" from "The Last of Old England" by Jeni Melia
  • "Irish Lullaby" from "Farewell I" by Poeticall Musicke
  • "Irish Lullaby" from "Farewell I" by Poeticall Musicke
  • "Irish Lullaby (from Farewell II)" from "Farewell II" by Poeticall Musicke
  • "Irish Lullaby" from "Farewell II" by Poeticall Musicke
  • "Lullaby" from "Reza Nation" by Reza Manzoori
  • "Lullaby Set-Kammen" from "Wild Wood" by Kammen and Swan
  • "Cosmic Lullaby" from "Vega" by Sterling
  • "Lullaby" from "Chameleon" by Sulis
  • "Lullaby" from "Sitting on the windowsill of Heaven - Celia Harper" by Sulis
  • "Red Sky Lullaby" from "Sitting on the windowsill of Heaven - Celia Harper" by Sulis
  • "Tien's Lullaby" from "Miles Beyond" by Suzanne Teng
  • "Lullaby" from "Rain Trip" by Toni Iniguez
  • "Lullaby" from "Meditative Guitar" by Jeff Wahl
  • "Brahm's Lullaby Op 49 no 4 (Johannes Brahms)" from "Playing with Silence" by Jeff Wahl
  • "Christ-Child Lullaby" from "Bringing Light to the Darkness" by Music for a Winter's Eve
  • "TAKEDA Lullaby" from "Beginning of a Journey" by Yumi Kurosawa

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