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15 albums:

  • "I Cavalieri del Liuto - The Knights of the Lute" by Paul Beier
  • "JS Bach on the Lute" by Paul Berget
  • "The Siena Manuscript on renaissance lute" by Paul Berget
  • "Patrons of the Lute" by Daniel Shoskes
  • "The Art of the Lute Player" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Blame Not My Lute" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Josquin des Prez Lute Settings" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Jane Pickeringes Lute Book" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Siena Lute Book" by Jacob Heringman
  • "Indian Summer of the Lute" by Ireen Thomas
  • "Art of the Lute in Renaissance France" by Edward Martin
  • "Baroque Lute Duets" by Edward Martin and Paul Berget
  • "Il Rossetto, Domenico Bianchini's Lute Book (1546)" by Richard MacKenzie
  • "John Dowland - Lute songs, Lute music" by Francesca Torelli
  • "In a Garden So Green, Lute Music of Scotland" by Voices of Music

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